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Thinking Out Loud #2 {The Spice Girls knew what they were talking about}

I mean look at those platform shoes.  Clearly these Girls were on top of their game.  Sure, the Spice Girls came out when I was in high school, but I'm not afraid to admit I wanted to be Posh.  She was fashiony and mysterious and capital F-ierce.  

I digress.  

My point is, that Girl Power is legit, and us women need to embrace this notion.  Especially those of us that happen to be Mommies.  We all have a story, and we need to support one another, instead of tearing each other down.  

We need to be a sisterhood.  A family.  A society of X chromosomes that realize that although we are all different, we are going through similar struggles.  Whether it's an argument at home, a sick child, or a five pound weight gain, chances are, you've been there.  

Be a voice of guidance, but don't be judgmental.

Hold a hand, give a hug, lend a shoulder to be cried on, and don't say a word or expect anything in return.

Competition is natural, we're humans after all, but support and good will go a lot further at the end of the day.  You might be SuperMommy today, but tomorrow you might have puke on the back of your shirt and dog poop on your shoe.  Just make sure you have a friend who will still hug you and laugh as you stink up the place.  


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