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I'm Really Doing It

I'm really doing it

No, I'm not shitting in the street, but I am making some changes to this little blog of mine.  

While I like the comfort of Blogger, I think it's time to take MommiesRun to the next level.  My husband recommended SquareSpace, and after wasting a few hours on site design, I'm hooked.  I love the simplicity of the templates and the clean features in the design I am working on.  

In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to revamp MommiesRun and make it my own.  I love what I have so far, but I want to take my time and do it right.  That means, I want to design, or have somebody else design a snazzy little logo thingy for me.  

You know what I'm talking about right?  It might look something like this:

Nailed that shit.  

Your Turn:  Do you know how to make snazzy logos, or know someone that can make one for me?

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