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seven things i found on the webz that you need to see: Paul Rudd edition {3}

I like the webz a lot.  Here are some things I've found this week that you definitely need to check out!

There's a lot of things about me that you might not know.  For example, my love for Flaming Hot Funyuns.  Or my need to sleep with the TV on.  Today I'm sharing with y'all my love for all things  Paul Rudd.

I mean, why else did I marry someone named Josh?

Behold, seven things I found on the webz that you need to see that correlate my life to Paul Rudd:

  1. How I feel when I need to fart while running but not sure if it will come out as a fart or a shart, but it's actually a fart:

    2.   How I feel when

Kara Goucher

favorites my


, or likes a picture on



    3.   How I feel after a good run:

   4.  What I do after a long run:

5.  How I feel when I'm typing what I think is a good blog post (like this one):

   6.  How I look inspecting chafing damage after a long run:

   7.  How I feel when someone says I run too much:

And one more just because I can't get enough of him:

Your Turn:

Who's your favorite actor and why?

Link your favorite gif!


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