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Three Things MommiesRun Learned This Week

1.  Black Beans + Lentils = Bad Idea.  That's just way too much legume for one meal.  I made these awesome vegetarian tacos out of lentils on Wednesday night.  I was so excited because I kind of just made the recipe up on the fly and they turned out so good.  I also had black beans as a side. Well, I paid for all that deliciousness the next morning when I was practically curled up in the fetal position on the floor in the bathroom at work.  Gas pains hurt, y'all.  Two Gas-X and two tums later I was fine, but whoa.  Lesson learned, legumes.  You win.

2. How to make Green Smoothies actually Green.  I've been making smoothies for a couple years now and I love putting spinach in them for the nutrients.  However, I could never figure out how to make them super green like other fancy pants food bloggers.  Well, I finally figured it out this week and I have to pass this on in case you're like me!  Just put your spinach and water (or whatever liquid you desire) in first and blend that alone until it's almost a juice.  Then add all of your other ingredients and blend!  And now I want a green smoothie.

3.  Running "Topless" Won't Kill You.  On Friday, I ran in just my sports bra and shorts and I didn't die.  In fact, it felt pretty awesome, and not once did I worry what passing cars were thinking of my less than flat midsection. I'm not saying I'll be racing like this any time soon, but for the summer, I'll be topless running around Collierville.  

Your Turn...What did you learn this week?

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